Countering a Gender Stereotype Advertisement


In this advertisement it is countering the typical stereotype that a nurse is strictly a female job. In the past ten years the nursing field has began to see a major change by there being a decent amount of men in the nursing career and in school to become a nurse. The stereotype in the past is that women are the only people who are nurses and it is unmanly and unthinkable for a man to want to be a nurse.

This advertisement breaks the stereotype by showing men that are dressed in masculine clothing and that do not look like the typical man that would be a nurse. Not only does the picture reflect the stereotype but I feel that the text does as well. The text could be interpreted that it takes a masculine man to be able to handle the pressure and stereotype of being a male nurse. Male nurses could be subject to unfair jokes and harassment so in turn it would take someone with thick skin to overcome the adversity.


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